Kelly Marie MacRae

Kelly Marie MacRae

2018 Undergraduate Award (Pennsylvania)

I would like to thank everyone involved in making this scholarship possible! This is my second year receiving this scholarship and it really has helped make getting my education without worrying about the cost so much easier. I attended my first event for this scholarship in the fall and it was so much fun i might of missed a lot more than i hit but it allowed me to meet some great people in the industry! I am passionate for agriculture and with scholarships like this i can pursue my passion. Thank you!


Grove City, PA


Pennsylvania State University


Animal Science

Career Goals:

I am the granddaughter of generations of farmers. I have been raised around the farm my entire life. I have shown, feed, saved and lost cattle in my life already. I am proud to have been raised on my family’s farm. However, as I have watched my family’s small farm struggle and barley get by over the years, it has given me a passion. Unlike most other in my generation who would want to run away from a farm because there is no money there, I want nothing more. This has given me the passion to attend college majoring in Animal Science. I want to be able to help my family farm stay strong by getting a job in the dairy industry as well as taking over my family’s farm. Some may say I am crazy but I want nothing more than to see my family’s farm succeed in the future and be able to raise my kids there. I will not only be able to help my family’s farm but others. I believe that farming is a dying breed and I want to help in any way possible to carry on this tradition. As a sophomore at Penn State I am already making steps to my goal. I attained a 3.87 gpa and continue working hard this semester. My peers often ask me where I get my motivation to do so well. I tell them because I have a passion and dream to fulfill. Even though they often do to, they do not understand mine. As for my future, I want to graduate from Penn State and go into the dairy industry. Then I will be able to help my farm and the surrounding farms grow and succeed in this time of hardship and change.