Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore

I would like to extend my thanks to the Targeting Excellence sponsors, board of directors, and state committees for choosing me to receive this scholarship. The financial aid means a great deal to my family and I and will be very helpful in the upcoming year. Thank you for your generosity.

Hometown: Elizabeth City, NC

School: North Carolina State University

Major / Species: Animal Science with minor in Agricultural Business

Career Goals: I am currently a junior pursuing a B.S. in Animal Science with an industry concentration at North Carolina State University, and I will graduate in May of 2018. I grew up on our family farm, Moore Seed Farms Inc., currently owned and managed by my father. As a child I would help my dad outside on the farm, and as an adult I worked for him as an employee during the summers of 2014-2016 and still work for him when I am home from college. We are primarily a grain operation raising corn, wheat, and soybeans, and also run a grain cleaning operation. Although I enjoy being a part of the crop side of agriculture, I have always loved animals. My fascination with animals began with cats and dogs as a child and progressed towards livestock in high school as I took animal science classes. I have worked with swine, poultry, dairy, and beef cattle through college courses and Animal Science Club activities, and decided the beef industry is where I want to be. My dream job is to manage a beef cattle operation of my own. I decided to take the Beef Cattle Management course and so far I love being in the class. Interacting with the cattle during the laboratory at NC State’s Beef Educational Unit is exciting and I thoroughly enjoy learning more about management each day and how to maintain Beef Quality Assurance. I am most interested in the cow-calf sector and would like to work on a cow-calf operation and eventually manage my own operation. I also enjoy being an advocate for animal agriculture, and want to help educate the public in any way I can. After beginning my career, I plan to become a member of the North Carolina Cattlemen’s Association. Animal agriculture is very important to me and I am excited to work in and advocate for the livestock industry.