Lauren Hamer

Lauren Hamer

2018 Undergraduate Award (Ohio)

I am eternally grateful for this award opportunity given to me by Targeting Excellence. Thank you to all of those who have a part in this organization. Your impact on the lives of students like me truly lasts. Generosity like yours doesn’t come by often. My dream is to work in food animal medicine, and with your help I may actually be able to make that dream a reality. Thank you again for your incredible support!


Green Springs, OH


Ohio State University


Animal Sciences

Career Goals:

I am currently in my second year at Ohio State studying Animal Sciences. My academic plan is set so that I will graduate with my bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2019. I have a minor/specialization in Animal Biosciences. My ultimate goal is to attend veterinary school, specializing in large animal medicine. I have been admitted into the Veterinary Early Commitment Program here at Ohio State for students who want to pursue a career in Food Animal Medicine. Within this program I am given more experience opportunities and a guaranteed interview with Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine. This will give me the chance to spend my adult life working to assist producers in the food animal industry, big or small.

Choosing my major as Animal Sciences was not a spur-of-the-moment decision, it was years in the making. I grew up on a farm, raising my own rabbits and cattle as well as pets. Many young girls like me wanted to grow up to be veterinarians. But, as we got older, many changed their minds. As for me, I never did. I of course considered other careers, but nothing interested me as much as veterinary medicine. I was involved in 4-H and FFA the second I was old enough to be and was always drawn to the animal science related programs. Whether that be livestock judging, veterinary science projects, or even quality assurance, animals were always my favorite subject. This was not just because “I love animals”. Well, of course I do, but I enjoy so much more about them than getting to pet them. I have experienced the ups and downs of raising livestock and understand there is so much more to it than what meets the eye. I love studying animal systems, and even more doing the work myself to fix or improve an animal’s health and production. I am passionate about this career field. That is why I know I want to go into food animal veterinary medicine. At first, I didn’t know what kind of veterinarian I wanted to be. But after working in a companion animal clinic, and shadowing large animal veterinarians, I knew what I would truly enjoy doing everyday would be working with livestock. I understand that my wages wouldn’t be as large, but I would be happy and excited to do my job every single day. Even now as I have begun a tough college career, I know that in the end every challenge will be worth it.