Leah Ruen

Leah Ruen

Thank you so much for the generous donation towards my education. I am honored to be a scholarship recipient from such a wonderful organization and I look forward to using these funds to continue my education in agriculture. I am filled with joy to be a part of an industry where youth is so valued, and with programs like these our industry will continue to be in great hands.


Lanesboro, MN


University of Minnesota

Major / Species:

Agricultural Food and Business Management

Career Goals:

When I think about my life, I feel so special to be a part of the two percent in America who is directly involved in agriculture. Growing up in a family that has lived and thrived in the agricultural industry has truly been a blessing and a huge part of my life. I have grown a passion for agriculture through my family and experiences I have gained through agricultural organizations, which is why I decided to pursue this passion and attain a degree in Agricultural Food and Business Management. In today’s world, people are drifting farther and farther away from agriculture every day. As a passionate youth in the agricultural industry, I feel my role is vital when thinking about the future of our industry. Since coming to college, I have gained a larger appreciation and deeper confidence in the youth of agriculture, and created goals for my future in the agricultural industry. One of my career goals is to advocate for farmers and agriculture. Ever since I have realized how few people know about agriculture, I have made it a goal of mine to educate people on the importance and truth of agriculture. I am looking forward to more opportunities here at the U of M and future internships where I can carry on this goal and learn more for future public interactions in my career. I would also love to help farmers thrive in their business. I have always enjoyed working with numbers and data, and would love to work through problems with farmers in order to make their operation a success. Finally, I hope to have a farming operation of my own. I have learned and gained so much from growing up surrounded by crop and livestock production and I would like to continue growing and being involved in that part of the industry. I also believe raising crops and livestock is a great teaching tool for kids and want to pass on my passion for it. My passion for agriculture, education and experiences will guide my path of serving the agricultural industry, just as it served me.