Lilia Jenkins

Lilia Jenkins

2018 Undergraduate Award (North Carolina)

I would like to thank the Targeting Excellence sponsors, board of directors, and the state committee. Without you I would not be receiving this scholarship. I hope to make you all proud with what I do in the future and I feel very confident that I will. I will make good use of this scholarship that will support me and my future in the poultry industry. Thank you again for allowing me this opportunity and choosing me to represent, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Stony Point, NC


North Carolina State University


Poultry Science

Career Goals:

My intended field of study is in the ever growing poultry industry. I have been a part of this industry ever since I can remember. My dad has owned poultry houses since before I was born and I was working with him as soon as I could stand. He actually told me just the other day that he remembers standing in the egg room picking eggs watching me pick up floor eggs and dragging dead chickens one by one because I wasn’t strong enough to pick them up. He said that the roosters never once touched me. I was always the one who went inside the house because my older brother was always too afraid. My love for this industry has only grown throughout the years and my knowledge as well.
With this poultry science degree I plan on working for Mountaire who my dad has been with since he built his first broiler-breeder house over twenty years ago. I know how Mountaire operates and the morals that they follow and this is a company that I would love to represent and work for. I really do not have a particular job I am aiming towards because all of them appeal to me. I could be a floor manager in a processing plant, a flock supervisor, or even an accountant since I am also getting an agricultural business degree. I could also work in a feed mill because I may double minor with a feed milling minor also. I also plan to build some of my own houses once graduated. I actually interviewed for an internship with Mountaire this summer and got the job at a breeder facility in Statesville, North Carolina.
I love working in the agricultural industry because the feeling of knowing you are feeding the world just feels me with so much pride. It also blows my mind how much the public is unaware of. Most have no idea where their food comes from and don’t appreciate the work that goes into providing them food. I have realized all this through doing many public events and presentations with a goal of educating them about the agricultural industry.