Mariah Huberty

Mariah Huberty

I am really enjoying my classes at the University of Minnesota. I will be attending Midwest Poultry Consortium’s nine credit summer college program and taking part in an eight week poultry internship with the lead geneticist at Maple Leaf Farms this summer. I intend to graduate with my undergraduate degree in animal science with an emphasis in poultry production and minors in food and agriculture business management and sustainability in agriculture in the summer of 2018. I am pursuing a career in the commercial poultry industry in breeding flock management.

This scholarship will greatly contribute to my success and is very much appreciated. Thank you again!

Hometown: Harris, MN

School: University of Minnesota

Major / Species: Animal Science- Poultry Emphasis with minor in Agricultural and Food Business Management and Sustainability in Agriculture

Career Goals: My passion for poultry has driven me to challenge myself over the last 14 years. What started as a youth wanting to hatch her own chicks for county fair has grown into a National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) certified hatchery generating over $12,000 in sales in two years. In that time I conducted four research studies and applied principles gained in hatching 900 chicks, managing 1500 birds, selling fryers and 800 pullets near the point of lay in 22 breeds to over 120 customers. Additionally I raised broilers, turkeys and hogs. My crossbreeding/inbreeding research experiments allowed me to select the best stock for my breeding program and allowed me to explore genetics and sex-link mating heterosis. I developed a business and marketing strategy following supply and demand principles, based on the buying preferences of the backyard flock owner niche market. Experiences with my backyard feathered friends expanded my thinking and focused my direction. It is because of my passion for poultry, my 4-H and FFA experiences, and my work ethic proven though my poultry research and business that I am who I am today. It both prepared me for college and helped me pay for a small portion it. I am pursuing undergraduate degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in poultry production and minors in Agricultural and Food Business Management and Sustainability in Agriculture at the University of Minnesota. I work as a research assistant at my university’s poultry research facility and lab where I’m currently completing a nutritional feed analysis study in turkeys, learning sample collection and processing procedures in the lab. I will attend the Midwest Poultry Consortium’s Summer of Excellence poultry program, earning nine college credits at the University of Madison this summer, followed by a ten week paid internship at Maple Leaf Farms, Inc, working with a geneticist on breeding flock management. Graduating in 2018, my college, business and research experience transitions well into a career in the commercial poultry industry in the research/genetic side of breeding flock management, providing poultry products for consumers in a humane, sustainable, yet profitable manner. After working a few years in the industry I would like to go on to receive my graduate degree in genetics. Just as my business contributed food for my family and customers through broilers, turkeys and egg production, my future career goals will allow me to feed America and the world. I intend to continue to provide consumer education opportunities to further cultivate a healthier, educated world, inspiring others not just about poultry, but also challenging them to pursue their passions, despite their challenges, as I am as a person with Autism. As a 4-H and FFA alumni I would want to continue to volunteer and give back to an organizations that made me in part who I am today. I am dedicated and hardworking and have demonstrated that with tenacity overcoming obstacles is possible and that one can accomplish their dream. Thank you for your consideration.