Matthew Edgin

Matthew Edgin

I would like to thank the Targeting Excellence sponsors, board of directors, and state committees for giving me the opportunity to receive this scholarship. I appreciate the financial help with college and all of the recognition that comes with it. Agriculture is the most important field of study in my opinion and without opportunities like targeting excellence has to offer, many agriculture students would not be able to pay for their degrees. Thank you again!

Hometown: Three Springs, PA

School: Delaware Valley University

Major / Species: Dairy Science

Career Goals: I plan on finishing my college education with a Bachelor’s of Science in Dairy Science and going back to the family farms to become a producer. I plan on buying a herd and renting a facility for a few years to pay off my cows and equipment, along with building assets and equity. I then plan on going back to build my own facilities on my family farm and to have a 150 cow herd of registered Holsteins and color breeds. I will hopefully be able to start a bottling facility of my own and be able to market my own fluid milk, possibly along with other dairy products. My main goal is to keep the family farm aspect. Growing up in a farming family with my uncles and grandparents farming with us taught me that family is an extremely important thing in the industry. I would love to have my family involved with my operation and to produce quality milk for consumers.