Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson

Thank you to the Targeting Excellence sponsors, directors, and state committee for providing an organization that promotes animal agriculture! With the financial aid the Targeting Excellence scholarship provides, students including myself are able to focus on coursework and extra curricular activities. Targeting Excellence is putting faith and encouragement into young agriculture enthusiasts that will make in impact on the future of agriculture.

Hometown: Schellsburg, PA

School: Pennsylvania State University

Major / Species: Animal Science

Career Goals: The agriculture industry took me from the “quietest camper” to an outgoing bubbly young lady. It is the sector that has shaped me into the person I am today. My career goals are to give back to an industry that has given so much to me. My passion is the swine industry and nutrition. I would like to attend graduate school to study swine nutrition. Then I would like to share my knowledge with fellow producers to help them better succeed at operating a profitable firm. Altogether, I want to be an advocate for agriculture and spread my knowledge of the industry to fellow members of agriculture and to the public sector. Attending graduate school will provide me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in a specific industry. An area of research I would like to focus on is nutrition in grower pigs. My interest in nutrition started from exhibiting livestock at county and state fairs. My family was never able to afford the high seller in a sale but with some help from a feeding program the “green ones” developed into respective projects. It amazed me how adding or removing a feedstuff changed the composition and demeanor of animal. Attending graduate school will allow me to gain the why, what, and how feedstuffs change the body composition of grower pigs. After conclusion of my master’s degree, I want to take a position in the industry that will allow me to talk with producers on how to better succeed in providing the safest and healthiest product to the consumer. “Factory farming” is a phrase that non-agriculturalists frown upon. With the growing population, hog farmers will need to produce pigs with a higher feed efficiency and are able to reach market weight sooner with more pounds of product. “Factory farming”, in a since that the operation is efficient and has a high level of productivity, is going to need to be utilized. I want to communicate with the public that what happens in the industry is ethical and providing the safest product to the consumer. Farmers have their animal’s best interest at heart. Their animals are their sole means of income and livelihood. Endangering or malnourishment is not an option for the producer. People should also realize that farmers are most likely consuming the same products as they are. If it was not safe for consumption then they would not be consuming it either. One of the ways I want to communicate to the public is through an online blog and my social media accounts. My career goal is obtain my master’s degree in swine nutrition. My field of study will be in the nutrition of grower pigs. I want to give back to the agriculture industry that has given so much to me. Through communicating with the public the importance of today’s production agriculture and helping producers create an efficient operation I can make an impact on the future of the industry.