Megan Hansen

Megan Hansen

2018 Undergraduate Award (Wisconsin)

I would like to thank all the sponsors, the board of directors, and the state committees for giving me this opportunity in supporting my degree in Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. I really appreciate getting this scholarship it gives me opportunities to pursue a degree in the Agriculture field, and be able to teach and inform the community about the positives of farming and agriculture. I hope one day I can also help in recruiting future students to get involved and love the industry as much as I do.


Onalaska, WI


University of Wisconsin – Madison


Dairy Science

Career Goals:

I am a Dairy Science major and looking forward to pursuing a degree in this industry. As of right now, I am not exactly sure what I want to do in this amazing field. I am very interested in the many options possible in the field of dairy science. Some career paths that I am considering include running a dairy operation, working in dairy nutrition, or informing the public about tracing their food supply from farm to table. I am already gaining some valuable experience in several different aspects of dairy science. For the past several years, I have worked at a dairy farm as a calf caretaker. In this position, I have been responsible for feeding, bedding, and caring for calves on a 700 cow dairy farm, as well as monitoring the maternity pen and calf health. I am also currently working as an intern at a dairy nutritional supplement company that offers custom vitamin and trace mineral nutrient supplements for animal nutrition. In this role, I assist with marketing and compiling standard operating procedures and HACCP standards for custom blend manufacturing.

This summer, I will be working full time as an intern at a feed company. In this position, I will get to experience a variety of roles: working hands-on in the feed mill to produce custom feed blends; working hand in hand with a nutritionist to determine appropriate rations and balanced diets; calling on farms alongside a sales representative; working in the office on various marketing activities, etc. I am looking forward to this opportunity to explore so many various aspects of the dairy industry. No matter what career route I ultimately choose, I want to be able to make a difference in this important and progressive field.