Michael Dupor

Michael Dupor

2018 Graduate Award (Wisconsin)

It is a great honor to be chosen as a recipient of the Targeting Excellence scholarship! I had a wonderful time meeting some of the donors and committee members. The passion you all show for food animal medicine and its future is one of the things that excites me most about pursuing this career.


Madison, WI


University of Wisconsin – Madison


Veterinary Medicine

Career Goals:

Upon completion of my veterinary degree, I hope to be a practicing dairy veterinarian in Wisconsin. This goal stems from my passion for sustainability in agriculture. I believe that livestock production has an important role to play in feeding our growing world population. Veterinarians have the crucial task of keeping those animals healthy, which in turn helps make livestock production more efficient and sustainable.

Over the past several decades, milk production per cow has increased dramatically. In fact, the average U.S. cow today produces as much milk as five cows at the end of World War Two. One of the primary reasons for this dramatic increase in efficiency has been the dramatic genetic improvement in dairy cattle. In today’s world, dairy farmers have access to incredible technology, information and genetics. Replacement heifers can be selected shortly after birth, and semen from the world’s top bulls are available on demand. It is not a stretch to say that the best genetics in the world are available to any dairy farm.

That’s the reason one of my primary interests is in advanced reproductive techniques. I hope to find a position which will allow me to employ techniques like embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization, and offer them to clients. I believe that as reproduction techniques and technologies become more effective and reliable over time, there will be a greater and greater demand for these services. The pace of genetic advancement in food animals is only going to increase, and I want to be sure my clients are on the leading edge of that progress. To accomplish that, I intend to give them the tools and expertise to help them breed healthier, more productive, more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable cows.