Michaela Trudeau

Michaela Trudeau

2018 Graduate Award (Minnesota)
2017 Graduate Award (Minnesota)
2016 Graduate Award (Minnesota)

Every year I am impressed with Targeting Excellence, the board of directors, the state committees, and their sponsors. The events put on by Targeting excellence are one of the best networking events I have ever attended and all of the students have so much fun. Food animal agriculture is such an outstanding area to be working in, and my interactions with those involved in Targeting Excellence remind me of how lucky I am to be working in such an incredible field. I want to thank everyone at Targeting Excellence for providing me additional support to maintain my studies in the area of swine nutrition at the University of Minnesota. It really means a lot to me and I am excited for my future career in food animal production.


Hastings, MN


University of Minnesota


Animal Science

Career Goals:

I was born and raised in Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota where I received my Bachelor of Science degree (Summa cum laude) in Animal Science in 2015. I continued my education at the University of Minnesota, and received my M.S. degree in Animal Science in 2016. I was fortunate to receive a MnDRIVE Scholarship during my M.S. program, which provided me valuable insights on the challenges of feeding the world sustainably. Currently, I am continuing my research at the University of Minnesota and pursuing my Ph.D. degree in Animal Science. I am interested in one of the greatest challenges facing global animal agriculture – understanding animal nutrition and health interactions to reduce the reliance on antibiotic use.

As I complete my Ph.D. program, I hope to find a challenging and rewarding position and career in the area of food animal health and nutrition. I am specifically interested in playing a role in research and development in the animal feed industry. In addition to my interest in research and development, I would also be interested in a consulting job working with farmers. I enjoy interacting with others and spending time on farms and actually handling the animals. Both of these career paths would ultimately satisfy my interest in production animal health and nutrition and give me the opportunity to play a role in the efficient production of safe, nutritious, and sustainable food that will be needed to feed a growing global population of people.