Miranda Hengy

Miranda Hengy

2018 Graduate Award (Ohio)

Dear Targeting Excellence sponsors, board of directors, and the Ohio state committee-

I feel very honored to have been selected as a recipient of a Targeting Excellence Scholarship. Growing up on a farm, I have always been aware of the importance of agriculture and livestock health. My experiences taking care of our own animals and participating in events such as 4H lead me to pursue my current career path- large animal veterinary medicine.

As a first year veterinary student I have been doing my best to fine-tune my education so that I get as much exposure to large animal medicine as I can during my four years here at Ohio State. I often find myself participating in events like the Food Animal Medicine Student Symposium, a variety of large and small ruminant wetlabs, and fieldtrips to livestock facilities throughout Ohio. Participation in events like these have allowed me to get a jump start on gaining hands-on skills that I otherwise woulnd’t be introduced to until my 3rd/4th year when our clinical rotations begin.

As you may know veterinary school is quite expensive. However, with your generosity I am better able to focus on my schooling and the steps I need to take to obtain my degree. I cannot explain how reassuring it is to know that I have your support in pursuing my food animal career goals!


Miranda Hengy
The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine
Class of 2021


Columbus, OH


Ohio State University


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Career Goals:

As a first year veterinary student it is easy to get caught up in the demands of course work, but I frequently find myself stopping to consider how lucky I am to be here. I started out on a farm in rural northern Michigan, and, like most other veterinary students, knew from the very beginning that I wanted to help animals. It wasn’t without hardships that I was able to fulfill my dream of making it to veterinary school, and I think it ultimately comes down to my determination to succeed. A determination I largely have to thank my rural upbringing for.
My first stop after high school was Central Michigan University (CMU), where I pursued a biology degree and the prerequisites for veterinary school. While at CMU I devoted plenty of time to my studies, but also found meaning in volunteer work, leadership positions, and research. Perhaps some of my proudest accomplishments at CMU include graduating summa cum laude, acting as a peer mentor for the College of Science and Engineering, being one of three STEM students nominated for a national scholarship, and publishing my undergraduate research in an academic journal.
My high aspirations and desire to become a reliable and well-educated veterinarian are evident in my involvements at OSU CVM thus far. As an individual interested in large/food animal medicine, I have dedicated a significant amount of my time to pursuing educational opportunities outside of the classroom that are related to my goals. Through the various extra-curricular labs, conferences, and research related to dairy production medicine I hope to prepare myself for my ultimate career goal- an associate veterinary position at a food animal or mixed animal practice in the Midwest region.