Naomi England

Naomi England

I just want to thank everyone that put together Targeting Excellence whether putting an event on or participating in the event. I have found new connections at the events and am encouraged to grow every time I run into those individuals. Thank you for this opportunity!

Hometown: Hubbard, IA

School: South Dakota State University

Major / Species: Agriculture Science with minor in Animal Science, Agriculture Business, Range Ecology and Management

Career Goals: After I graduate from South Dakota State University, I plan on working in the Animal Health industry. The last two summers I worked with Phibro Animal Health and MWI Animal Health but more on the feed additive side. I do plan on working in the animal health industry after graduation. Once I find my place to settle down, I would like to either take over my family farm or start my own cattle herd wherever I am. If I do go back home, I want to work with row crops, hogs, and cattle.