Nathan Glenn Briggs

Nathan Glenn Briggs

2018 Graduate Award (Indiana)

I personally would like to thank all of the Targeting Excellence sponsors that make this scholarship possible for undergraduates and graduate students. Without the dedication of the sponsors, board of directors, and state committees, this scholarship opportunity would not be possible. I cannot stress my gratitude towards everyone involved for investing their time and money into the future generations who are looking to educate themselves and impact the world.

Thanks again,
Nathan Briggs


New Bloomfield, PA


Purdue University


Ruminant Nutrition

Career Goals:

After I finish my Master’s Degree, I will be pursuing a PhD in Ruminant Nutrition at another university. I personally value diversity, and feel multiple educational backgrounds will help me be prepared for industry. Upon competition of my PhD, I will return to industry, so I can take all of the knowledge that I have gained over the years and communicate this knowledge back to producers. Personally, I would prefer working in a larger company, such as Archer Daniels Midland or Purina Land O’Lakes, because companies like these have funding to keeping pushing in research and development. I hope to be leading cutting-edge research for products that can help better the industry and the animals. Within ten years, I hope to be able to move up within the company, so I can advise and pass on my expertise to others in the company.