Sarah Martin

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

School: North Carolina State

Major / Species: Animal Science- Veterinary Bioscience

Career Goals: 

My career goal is to attend the College of Veterinary Medicine at North Carolina State University. I would like to become specialized in lab animal medicine in the hopes of participating in research, specifically that of food animals. Growing up in the big city of Raleigh, I did not know much about animal agriculture and the large impact it has on our world today. Through my experiences at North Carolina State as an Animal Science major and specifically through the animal science club I am now a well-informed advocate for animal agriculture. I have learned about the available farming methods used, why they are used, and the growing concern consumers have over the treatment of food animals.

By working for a company such as Zoetis or even an organization such as the FDA, I feel I can make an impact on agriculture through my position as a lab animal veterinarian. The FDA is responsible for issuing regulations that impact our farmers on trivial issues such as antibiotic uses in food animals. As a person who would be overseeing a lot of research an organization like that would be doing, I can make sure that the policies that are put in place are based off of research results instead of the wants of a misinformed consumer base while still keeping their concerns in mind. I would like to use research as a means of combatting some of the fictional fears that run prevalent through our society today.

A position as a lab animal veterinarian allows me to provide a voice in corporations and large organization about the proper management of our food animals. I hope it will allow me to make the latest research available to both farmers and consumers about the safety of our food. The information I aid in discovering can be used as a tool to ensure our food animals are receiving the best care possible while keeping costs of production down and our food supply safe.