Selena Ibarra

Selena Ibarra

2018 Undergraduate Award (North Carolina)

Thank you so much for this wonderful award. I will make sure to live up to the expectations that this scholarship brings and am grateful for people like you who make education affordable to students like me.


Turkey, NC


North Carolina State University


Animal Science

Career Goals:

I am a first-generation Latina student and have already obtained my associates degree in applied science in Livestock and Poultry Management from the Agriculture Institute at NC State University. I am now pursuing my bachelor’s degree at NC State majoring in animal science. I come from a family of farmworkers who came to this country and worked in the fields to provide for my family. Growing up I had an appreciation for agriculture specifically livestock, as I always enjoyed being around animals. I come from a large family and am the oldest in 11 children so growing up we had to have our own chickens for meat and eggs which further increased my appreciation for livestock.

Once I came to college, I have attended two annual Latinos in Agriculture conferences held in Texas and I have been the recipient of the Dale and Genia Bone scholarship in the past which is a scholarship awarded to children of farmworkers. I have completed a summer internship at Hickory Nut Gap Farm, which is a certified organic and pasture-raised farm. During the internship I worked in taking care of the animals and did a lot of animal husbandry work with were chickens, turkeys, cows, and pigs.

The Agriculture Institute at NC State University has also given me extensive amount of hands-on experience working with a diversity of livestock and operating a farm. Now my current objective is to graduate from my bachelor’s degree in animal science and obtain more hands-on experience and diversify my knowledge in the field of animal science by working with a variety of different animals. I plan on getting job and a career in the animal industry and work primarily in sustainable agriculture. I also want to someday be able to start up my own sustainable chicken farm and have both broilers and layers and become part of the next generation of farmers.