Seth Melson

Seth Melson

2018 Undergraduate Award (Minnesota)

To whom it may concern,
Thank you for selecting me for this generous scholarship. This scholarship will be extremely helpful in advancing my education and career in the future. The career path I have picked is long and hard, but this scholarship will make achieving my goals that much easier.
Thanks Again,
Seth Melson


Trimont, MN


University of Minnesota


Animal Science

Career Goals:

Currently I am pursuing an animal science degree through the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities with an emphasis in pre-veterinary medicine. I plan to graduate with my animal science degree in 3 years and complete vet school in 4 years after that. I am currently accepted into the University of Minnesota VetFast program which will give me automatic acceptance into Veterinary school. I will start veterinary school in the Fall of 2019. In veterinary school I plan to specialize in swine and bovine systems. When I graduate from veterinary school I will move back to the area I grew up in as long as there is a job for me there at a vet clinic or a big commercial livestock company. I will farm on the side. I also plan to become board certified so I can become a veterinarian worldwide, this will allow me to make a global impact, especially in areas of the world that need a lot of help. I chose this career because I grew up on a family farm where we raised pigs, cattle, sheep, corn, and soybeans. I always had more of an interest in raising the animals on my farm than any of my brothers did. Originally, I thought of just coming back to the farm until I had to do a job shadow in my high school physics class when I was a sophomore. I really liked my one-day ride along with the Fairmont Vet Clinic so I organized a two-week long ride along with them. After that I rode along with many different vets and decided that I really like what they did and how they all did it. I have always had a passion for animals but it has strengthened over the years. I really want to become a veterinarian for my career because it will challenge me in college and after college. I believe veterinarian is the right career path for me and hopefully with confidence and from the support of people around me I will be able to accomplish this task. Eventually, I plan to start my own private practice as a veterinarian specializing in swine and bovine. I plan to be heavily involved in the pork industry because I believe that the industry is very progressive and does a great job as a whole being innovative and raising animals in a productive and ethical manner.