Sharon Jallow

Sharon Jallow

“I would just like to say thank you for selecting me as one of the recipients of the 2016 scholarship award. I am appreciative of everyone who has made all of the scholarship awards possible. The agriculture industry is growing bigger and bigger by the day and education in this area of study is very important. I hope to some day be able to “pay it forward” by giving back to the oncoming students following behind me as well!”

Hometown: Autryville, NC

School: University of Mount Olive

Major / Species: Bachelor of Science Agricultural Education

Career Goals: I have chosen Agriculture and Animal Science as my education career path mainly because I have a strong passion for animals and agriculture. Through the experience in attaining an Associates Degree in Animal Science at Sampson Community College, I have grown a fond desire to further my education so that I can teach Agriculture in the near future. In Fall 2017, I am going to be starting at University of Mt Olive in Mt Olive, NC. I will be attending to attain the Bachelors of Science Agricultural Education. This degree will allow me to teach Middle School and High School aged students the field of Agriculture/Animal Science. From there, I plan to continue my education in Agriculture and someday also teach college level students. I believe education in agriculture is so important in today’s society. Many people have resorted to technology and more modern ways of living. Thus, leaving much of these generations almost “clueless” to what is going on in agriculture which is the means of the food they eat. Many people may not wish to venture into a career in agriculture, but I feel it is still just as important for people to learn the “background” and behind the scenes of the agriculture that is involved with the food they eat day to day.