Shauna Somerville

Shauna Somerville

2018 Undergraduate Award (North Carolina)

Thank you so much for your contribution to my education! The opportunities that this scholarship will give me for the next school year will contribute greatly to my academic career in agriculture. Thank you for being apart of my education and supporting students like me who are passionate about the food animal industry in the United States and the world today.


Gastonia, NC


North Carolina State University


Animal Science

Career Goals:

My career aspirations include working hands on in the production animal sector with dairy or swine. As a by-credit sophomore, I am not sure which direction that I want to go after I graduate in 2020 with my degree in Animal Science with a Industry Concentration, but having the firm basis in my major and all the knowledge that I have gleamed from my experiences, I will be successful.

The dairy industry is a career field that I am very passionate about. Since I was 10 years old, I have owned my own dairy business which included milking my cow, marketing, and selling the milk. I realize the importance of dairy producers and want to help support them, either by becoming one or by working in the industry to help dairy producers take care of their livestock. At my time here at NCSU, I have been elected Treasurer of the Dairy Science Club and serve this semester. I help plan fun activities for our club to do, plan our semester budget, fundraise, and go to events with dairy producers and other people who work in the field. This opportunity has given me an insight as to all the careers that revolve around dairy and how diverse the spectrum of careers are.

Unlike the dairy industry, the swine industry is a field that I do not have much experience in but am eager to learn about. Since the swine industry is very abundant in North Carolina, I have already secured an internship for Summer 2018 working with Murphy Family Ventures with as a Sow Production Intern. The opportunities I have to work with swine are very beneficial because they help me to diversify the species of animals that I have experience with. Also, many swine farmers are using their wasteland to start dairies so having swine experience is very beneficial in the food animal production sector. Swine production is very large in North Carolina, so the careers in the industry are very abundant and the opportunities that it holds in North Carolina for me after I graduate are very accessible.
Another aspect that in my education that gives me more experience into the management side of farming is my intended minor in Agricultural Business Management. With this minor, I have to take classes about economics in the agricultural field, how to financially sustain a farm, and how to market in the agricultural world today. With my Animal Science major and Agricultural Business Management minor, I will know how to care for production animals and how to adequately budget for and run a farm from the business perspective when I graduate from North Carolina State University.

My career aspirations include using my degree in Animal Science to work with dairy cows or swine in the production side of the industry. My Animal Science degree from North Carolina State University opens up many opportunities across the United States and the world to find exactly where my passion lies. Being able to work hands-on at a farm with animals and help producers is where my end career goal in the animal science field is.