Stephen Smith

Hometown: Hawley, PA

School: Penn State

Major / Species: Animal Science

Career Goals: 

My dream is that no matter what I do in life, I will always be involved in agriculture. I was born in it, raised in it, and I will be an active part of it. After I graduate from Penn State, I plan to pursue a career working for an animal health company doing sales. This will give me an opportunity to travel to different farms and see a variety of animal operations. My dream is to operate my own dairy farm. I grew up on a dairy farm, and it is part of who I am. My experiences from animal sales will help give me ideas of how I want to set up and run my operation. I would like to run two herds of animals: a commercial production herd and a specialized herd to supply an on-farm creamery that I would like to build. The commercial herd would comprise of strong, high producing animals to help bring steady income into the business. I see my creamery as a niche market. I plan on marketing Golden Guernsey milk from Guernsey cattle, my favorite breed. I also plan on developing a market for A2 milk, which is a variation of casein that has been shown to have health benefits. I don’t just see dairy farming as producing that delicious glass of cold milk, but as so much more. I will not just be producing tasty milk, but a product with so many uses. Butter, cheese, ice cream, and all other dairy products stem from the milk that I produce. Not only that, but a large portion of beef in our country comes from cull dairy animals. That means that I will be involved in multiple industries in the agricultural world. I think I can sum up my career goals in a short phrase: To be involved. That is what I truly want. I want to be a part of agriculture; to help  influence others like I have been  influenced.