Taylor Homann

Taylor Homann

2018 Graduate Award (Minnesota)
2017 Graduate Award (Minnesota)
2015 Bob Christensen Award (Minnesota)

Thank you so much for the time and resources you invest to young people in agriculture. Agriculture has, by far, the most opportunities, networking and financial support I’ve seen and I am so, so grateful and blessed by that support. Your time, mentorship and financial help make vet school, and learning to be a great swine vet possible. Thank you!


Pipestone, MN


University of Minnesota


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Career Goals:

I first became interested in a career in veterinary medicine through my exposure to agriculture throughout my childhood. This general exposure and interest increased as I joined 4-H and FFA. It was then expanded through my time working for Pipestone System, Minnesota Pork, both as an ambassador and an intern, Christensen Farms and Swine Vet Center, PA. Additionally, I enjoyed my animal science classes as an undergraduate and further understanding the science of raising healthy animals and producing safe food through my veterinary classes.