Taylor Lane Glover

Taylor Lane Glover

2018 Associate Award (North Carolina)

Dear Sponsors,
I would personally like to thank you for this opportunity. This scholarship will help me accomplish my goals and allow my education to be more obtainable. It is an honor to receive this scholarship and I greatly appreciate your support.
Taylor Glover


Pikeville, NC


Wayne Community College


Applied Animal Science Technology

Career Goals:

Ever since I was nine years old, I have exhibited livestock including goats, swine, and cattle. I currently spend most of my time showing cattle and swine at county, state, regional, and national shows. I keep up-to-date with current issues by being involved in different livestock associations and holding different leadership positions. In 2017, I served as Secretary of the NC Junior Angus Association. In January, I started my new role of being the NC Angus Queen. I am also a member of the NC Hereford Association, the NC Cattlemen’s Association, the American Boer Goat Association, FFA, and 4-H. With my families help, I tend and harvest about 12 acres of Coastal Bermuda hay that I use to feed my cattle. Through this activity, I am able to fully understand the inputs and resources required to raise a crop. I have engaged myself in leadership opportunities such as Leaders Engaged in Angus Development, Perry and Doris Teeter Beef Leadership Institute, and IFAL at NC State University that have shaped me into being a good leader and advocate for the agriculture industry. These programs have helped develop me into the person I am today and have helped broaden my education and knowledge about the cattle and swine industry, and agriculture in general.
Currently, I am in the dual enrollment program at Wayne Community College while still attending high school. After I graduate, I will continue to attend Wayne Community College, working toward a degree in Applied Animal Science Technology, and transferring to a University to further my education. I plan to work for a swine business, hopefully as a breeding and farrowing manager, or operate my own business, breeding, farrowing, and producing pigs. My plans include continued efforts toward raising show pigs in order to give younger showmen the same opportunities that I have had. Instilling livestock showing in the lives of my own children will also be a goal of mine. Giving back to the community and to the agriculture industry is what I take pride in. I will continue to participate in Livestock Associations in order to stay current on certain issues in the cattle and swine industry and continue to mentor fellow exhibitors. Livestock showing has molded me into the person I am today. The experiences and the lessons learned through my involvement with agriculture will be engraved in me for the rest of my life. The same determination and dedication that I have for showing livestock will allow me to accomplish the goals that I have set for my future.