Tyler Triggs 2016 Scholarship Winner

Tyler Triggs

2018 Undergraduate Award (Iowa)
2017 Undergraduate Award (Iowa)
2016 Undergraduate Award (Iowa)

I would like to send my most sincere thank you to everyone who makes this scholarship possible. I will forever be grateful of this generous award towards my college education. I am inspired by your group of sponsors who have invested a great deal of money to offset the costs of higher education for the next generation of American agriculturalists. I will strive to do my absolute best in my remaining time at Iowa State to better myself and prepare for an exciting career in agriculture.


Mount Ayr, IA


Iowa State University


Animal Science

Career Goals:

All of my life I have challenged myself and aspired to greatness. My education and career goals are no different. I am currently majoring in Animal Science; in which I am placing an emphasis on production agriculture. While many people with similar life goals, which I will touch on briefly, would simply not enroll in college I am challenging myself not to be average. My educational goals include completing my Bachelor of Science degree here at Iowa State University in Animal Science. Upon graduation I plan to return to the nearly 100-year-old family farm located near Mount Ayr, Iowa. I plan to use the practical knowledge I have learned at Iowa State and directly apply it within my diversified livestock operation.

My goals while farming are to increase the cow herd to 250 head of commercial cow calf operation. While growing my commercial cattle operation I also plan to inject a small seed stock operation of purebred Simmentals into my cattle program. These elite Simmentals will be used to generate production beef bulls as well as replacement heifers.
Although I have lofty goals with my cattle operation I aspire to higher things within the swine industry. Currently my brother and I are co-owners on a small group of show pig sows. After graduation I plan to expand that operation to 100 sows and include a boar stud. Ultimately I dream of selling semen on elite herd sires as well as producing show pigs on a national level.