101 Inc

101 Inc

101 Inc. is a market leader at integrating residuals into livestock production diets. From formulations to feed systems, 101 can source, select, and qualify different residuals to ensure high-quality animal nutrition.  Our scientists work with state and federal agencies to ensure compliance with regulatory matters in the formulation, handling, transportation, and feeding of products. Once compliance and suitable outlets are determined, we manage the program to achieve long term stability for both a producer and end user.

Through a combination of onsite and integrated collection systems, remote monitoring, lab analysis, logistics, we can custom design programs to fit the specific needs of our each of our customers. These tools, combined with over 30 years of experience in raising livestock and working with residuals, help us develop sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective feeding solutions.

We take the health of these animals seriously.  After all, providing animal nutrition is how we got our start.


To learn more about becoming a Targeting Excellence sponsor please click here.

To learn more about becoming a Targeting Excellence sponsor please click here.