Nutra Blend


Nutra Blend LLC was founded in September, 1975 for the purpose of manufacturing quality vitamin, trace mineral, and antibiotic premixes for the feed industry. Our vision has expanded from that time to include not only premixing, but the distribution of micro-ingredients, and the other ingredients needed to manufacture feed in today’s highly technical industry. Our present plant and office complex is located in Neosho, Missouri. Construction on this plant facility began in 1979. Since that time we have had several major expansions to this facility to ensure our customers the highest quality products with a valuable on-time delivery system.

Our nutritional staff keeps our customers updated on the exciting changes taking place in the feeding of livestock, poultry, and pets. Technical support is provided in areas of quality control, vitamins, amino acids, trace minerals and manufacturing.

Nutra Blend LLC is committed to delivering to you, our customer, quality products and services at reasonable prices. We are proud of our role in delivering nutritional ingredients. Together we will continue to make our livestock, poultry, and pet industries the best in the world.

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