Targeting Excellence was created in 2013 and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Currently, the organization only employs 1 part time staff member to help manage and coordinate the activities of each of the state committees.  By keeping our overhead low we can ensure the maximum amount in scholarships is awarded to students each year.

Targeting Excellence recognizes the important need to attract the brightest and most motivated students, allowing them to have face-to-face time with future employers, and allowing them to graduate without a heavy debt load will not only be good for the students, to make our future industry stronger. More face-to-face time among the leaders of agribusiness, production systems and agricultural colleges can also lead to new alliances to ensure the survival of our industry.

To learn more about the impact Targeting Excellence has had on the food animal ag industry and students click here.

Rachel Virden 2017

Rachel Virden

Marketing & Business Manager

Rachel Virden joined Targeting Excellence in May 2015 to help support the board of directors and committees successfully plan and execute core fundraising events for the organization.  She is a graduate of Mississippi State University with … Read More

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