Yukon 50 – 50 Quart Cooler

Yukon 50 Qt CoolerItem: Yukon 50 – 50 Quart Cooler

Donated ByKemin Agrifoods North America

Value: $ 320

Minimum Bid (if any): $ 250

Last Bid Accepted Online at: Noon EST on Thursday October 29, 2015

Additional Details:

The perfect size for a getaway to the backyard or back 40, a weekend at the cabin, or a quick trip on the family boat. It’s also rock-solid proof that a Yukon-tough cold locker can be compact enough to go anywhere. Even better, its true full-capacity design means you can haul more than other coolers – even “extreme” coolers – that claim the same capacity but actually hold less. A critical point when you’re down to your last ice-cold beverage. Click here to see the website for more information.

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